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w as strikingly illustrated by animals and which were under

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he found the testicle enlarged in June and upon examination in

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a considerable area about a moist actively secreting

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is also significant of their comparative harmlessness

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refinements of the older diagnostic methods. Some au

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unostentatious religious life. He had very little pa

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projected backward and the spine was rotated to the right.

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vaginal septum the separated levator ani muscles were

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the organism that if the nervous excitability increases more air

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Before discussing these a brief description of the symptoms caused

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inch showing how overgrown the tissues covering the

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an employment certificate any request he makes for it

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group may be the causation of certain retrobulbar affec

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aged sixty two Dr. Rudolph Schelske lecturer on ophthal

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The latent form has been considered under the section on anuria. Acute

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the spinal canal. They arrive at the following con

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was a woman of eminent social position. Incidentally I

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is sheltered in a clean well ventilated stable one that

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introduction and dissemination of leprosy among the inhabitants

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mutations substances being greedily desired and enjoyed that are

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ening or abnormal inelasticity of the uterine supports.

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severe cold. Hcarlet fever does not show separate spots but piesents

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ness giddiness. Standing with outstretched legs head and ears de

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nancy. Regarding the case of fibroid of the ovarian liga

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as to the hygiene of school children and even the closing

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in addition every other chapter in the book which mentions this matter

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only mildly constitutional. The main feature of the urine

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the syphilitic nature of the nervous disease. Of all

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of cases in the families of the well to do than in those

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the proper seasons this heap is piled into wheelbarrows

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posed uteri and anteflexed uteri. In the anteposed the

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Abercromby. Smith described adherent pericardium with

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cera have been seriously injured or not. This year s

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the diagnosis of auditory vertigo. Meni amp re s vertigo

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symptom of Basedow s disease first described by Stell

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Displacement of the liver is very much less common. In thin women

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is accomplished by the peptonizing power of the same or other

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pletely the true pelvis and a large portion of the abdomen.

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some cases of streptococcsmia.l S gt italul Bucurescl

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