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testify as to the appropriate standard in connection with malpractice suits against

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renders the dip more efficacious is uncertain. It does however give

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I liked her less than any of my previous visitors but

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to faulty refraction he may be passed as fit provided

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but rather the trauma necessarily associated with the vaccination is

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Treatment of convergent strabismus in hvpermetropic


York Medical and Physical Journal that the boy upon

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limited number and the prizes of Professional life were chiefly

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Cerebro spinal fever with facts and statistics of the

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that according to the previous gaseous adaptation of the micro organ

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ROTAL Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons Edinburgh. The following Candidates passed

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This condition of the vessels is as demonstrable as any other anatom

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ynaintdined by the thermotactic centers in the brain and

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There is one group of cases in which it is almost impossible to

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found below the entrance to the sigmoid. His plan of

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Voltolini consists in a method of transillumination first employed by

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chemistry it can hardly be expected that its literature will be

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of mind and hating all unnecessary trouble went to Paris

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exceedingly rich aromatic mouth filling wine flavour so that

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slight cyanosis. The large cylinders were the better.

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ful health department supervision would infalliby reduce

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stewed pears stewed prunes. Fatty foods Butter cream pure olive oil.

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other interesting group of cases are those reported as

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and the profound character of the disturbance especially the speedy

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menstruate all the year round they at least some of them

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blindness comes on. Lumbar puncture may occasionally

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greatest. In six different autopsies the stomach was

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painful. tried many remedies with only temporary benefit three years ago I

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by the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine. Dr. Freeark is a professor

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cast off ovum. In private every day practice curet

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Case of symblepharon treated by section of the bands

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