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of the profunda. Lastly a case of lesion of the profunda the

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fremitus is felt sometimes during respiratory movement. The tumor may

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ically closed the hands clinched and a general rigidity of the muscles

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in the adjoining one no measures at all enforced. Harassing

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or a dose of citrate of magnesia. The bowels should

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ties and keeps it soft and supple. For cleansing purposes

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prove injurious in fever by increasing the dryness of the skin

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indicate that each species disposes of the intravenously injected organ

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presented three characteristic peripheral ataxic con

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origin in the vagus ganglia and the walls of the hind brain and

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in cavity not impacted but the patient becoming exhausted the

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Professional Examination for Graduation in Medicfne. Cal

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had proceeded almost to the full extent. The alum had been left

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without resistance. Gradually the chorionic tufts lengthen

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prehensive and correct in principle ideal in details clear

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but a little while since Brieger published his brilliant demon

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duction of uric acid from the precursors of uric acid con

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vectomies have not justified the expectation of those

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mitted we may merely observe that the least powerful of these muscles

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created a congestion of the vessels of the brain and a

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rapidly the peculiar symptoms of chill are shown pronounced

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of any practical or useful applications whatever is as legitimate and worthy

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illustrate three casea Fig. had damage to the glenoid cavity and

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per cubic centimetre. The percentage for the two or

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Malignant Tumors of the Ovary. Geyer Inaugural Dis. Centralblatt

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proaching completion. The plan adopted in the specimen before

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Reports of the Army having obtained the kind permission of

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take their meals. Twenty four feet to the rear of this

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port of Buchanan in his war on Douglas and his adoption of the

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dishonor she carries with her from first to last a defi

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the thickened base are best brought out in the diagrams figs.

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the development of the medical department in accordance with the con

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scribe the character of the urine in this disease as

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of these bodies to the other bodies described. It has

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are taken as better guides to what constitutes a whole

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to arrest girls and their bullies around the stations

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mium with the water in a six or eight ounce vial and agitate

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atrophy was a marked feature. In some of the cases there was

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the institution financially without being dependent

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bladder and at the present day the ardour has not abated. Yet

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sometimes been observed on the surface of the milk. But

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its course in seven days when resolution was estab

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When the temperature of the water rclalivoly to that of the atmos

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