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persons,, or substances which have been in contact with animals suffer-
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has been made for therapeutic purposes being excluded.
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Art. 124. — Styptic Colloid as a Local Applicaiion in Erysipelas.
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^ Poisoning by opium falls readily into the two chapters of Acute
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duct near the duodenum : it was removed by direct inci-
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time, notwithstanding the best-selected remedies are exhibited.
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against interruption or cessation of therapy without the physician's advice If proprano-
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Physiol., Bost,, v. 4 (8), Dec. 1, pp. 373-385, tables 1-2, figs. 1-4. [W a ,W c .]
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awaited him in the morning, as the penalty for his offense, and
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willing to acknowledge that phthisis is occasionally of inflammatory origin, but
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Fehling's solution, it turned deep red, but did not yield a
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1906. Shields, William G., M.D., Dermatologist to Germantown
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is used the needle should not be introduced more than one and a
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Dr. Jellett, in the Brit. Gynvec. Joum., London, for February 1898,.
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phenomena; just as the catamenial period is announced in some
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well applied, has placed the treatment of this distressing affec-
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life for a few months ; while as the use of an anaesthetic renders
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naturafint ac vitam degant labc>riofam y in Us toium mel
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hospitals, " both naturally and after inoculation as they affected
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advanced electronic medical record. Terminals in all inpatient team rooms and outpatient exam
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ing quietly in box stall with eyes partly closed and looking very
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where the gangrene follows a hemorrhagic infarction or a circum-
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ileum, and cecum. Everything loose within reach must be
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takes it from the car and carries it to the coach will ask for
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the violent symptoms, and the quietude of more than
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*rmed hia kborlooa and reapondble taSk with adequate fidelity and ability; and hm well
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this paralytic condition resembles closely the " giving away
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ment to be continued during 1.5 to 20 days of each month. The effect
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knowledge, say, when we find arsenic in a fabric which
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more exact and appropriate title. As things are now,
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5. It is the duty of the expert witness to determine : (a) The
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