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i his it follows as a necessary consequence, that to decide of the character
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Ships, including Ventilation, Diet, and Disease. By W. H.
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author. Indeed, we may hazard the opinion, that Griesinger
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most part congenital defects, but occasionally acquired, and
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the tetanus was quite developed the nitrite was applied in vapour,
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is at a level of about 0.285 per cent. In treating these cases the
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trace of sugar was found in the urine. Two subsequent tests
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January. She now feels weak in her legs, but not particularly
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ment Dr. Little observes that the snbject of malignant or
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foetal movements were also felt. Depaul's cephalotribe was then ap-
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Muscle Strength. — Some symmetric diminution of muscle
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faith in any treatment. " Bloodletting is out of the question.^'
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wards 29, of whom 14 died. The operation of Aston Key that
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The heart was normal in size, sounds were normal, blood-pressure
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which would be applicable to the study of any possible under-
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principle is true of other cities of Europe. But in American cities, so far back as
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spirations were confined to different parts of the body at a time, some-
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of glass, which has been laid on the iron plate or allowed to become
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merous patches of extravasated blood on the skin of different parts
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" That the development of mind, both in individuals and through
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change in the cHnical picture and no prolongation of life. There
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increased : he could turn his wife's mangle with the arm without
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pighian bodies. This matter was composed of cells or nuclei similar
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have been wisely used. Now the vicious boy stands in thosame pecuniae relation
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knowing the same to be so printed or imported, publish, sell, or expose to sale, or cause to be
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Diseases of the heart (which are various) have hitherto, by all physicians, whether
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labour will probably take place/' Dr. Duncan considers that
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" It is very remarkable that many observers deny the power of
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cabbage and grass. They were healthy when cooped up ; in a month, one died ;
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spring; and it did so. The same experiment was tried in the case of a second
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had been sufficient to awaken suspicion and justify the inquiries set
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close contact with the patients at least during the initial stages
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appended review of those researches, the lecture might have
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nerate, and groan under an evil of a mighty magnitude, sooner than say a word upon
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