teacher, if attentive and analytical, usually understands them
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women should hobble through life with one leg or no legs rather
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apparent increased activity of tumor cells was produced that there
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the bowel, but is more common in the region of the sigmoid
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the evils that have caused all other forms of government and
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it, and the committee and this Council decided we should have open voting. Now, for this
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During the investigation I took exception at the various stages against the reception of what
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foreign substance either by the mouth or rectum. The obstruc-
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Jefferson Medical College, Dr. Victor G. Heiser, is in charge of the sani-
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of endocarditis was the temperature, which was up one hour per-
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He is just over an exacerbation which was severe, lasting two
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could be made because of this mass. The incision was closed.
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Boston University Medical School in 1875 and was graduated in 1878. While
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and that is all he could do. He apologized to the committee, and admitted that he had
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peritoneal cavity, the four clamps and gauze secured in one bun-
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concerned of epidemics once inaugurated, nor that it is by such
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treatment that there is no danger or after-effects if a patient is
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or more candidates receive an equal number of votes, the returning officer shall give tlie
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hibiting the medical attendance upon women of men physicians, the
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tissues, and if this is so we ought to look to the metals for our
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3. Analytical Proof of Ionic Medication. — Hayward, C. W.
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Gymnasia would arise for the healthy; hospitals and sanatoria
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regard to dietetics by carefully conducted experiments, and en-
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in; the earth-closet system which consists in taking dry sifted earth
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admit certain gentlemen to examination, conditionally — the con<litions being that they sliould
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President Murhn was present, was introduced amid much enthusiasm,
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public interests would be promoted by so doing, invite the duly constituted
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ing to the amounts received from the patients. I think he exliausted such remedies as he
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large as a silver dollar in the region of the right nipple.
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with regeneration of nervous elements in the cerebro-spinal axis
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By the will of the late Mrs. Clara E. Wellman, the Massachusetts Homoeo-
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Not necessarily by door-plate nor professional card, but by
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All questions of equal value. Candidates will answer an}-
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But prevention of contagious diseases require rules which
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court, giving a verdict of guilty against a physician who had pre-
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and that rupture of the uterus is sure to< occur. The hydrostatic
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All the tubes are now carefully examined for any visible
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ashamed of it. I know the medical men all through the country seem to think very highly
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painful, obliging her to go to bed for a day or two. When thirty-
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1. During the first three days: erythema; urticaria; vesicular
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deserving of quarantine as leprosy, an even absurd comparison if
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presses the thought of the eternally new in the eternally old —
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retain that strength and tone and be capable thereafter of perform-
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prefer the darkness of slavery rather than the light of emancipa-
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many cases, must be kept on a strict diet all the rest of his or her
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signs of syphilis, we shall need all the common knowledge of that
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he may long be spared to continue work which needs him so much. Be it
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The topic on which our chairman has asked me to write takes
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the b inner Province of this great Dominion, with passing an Act of th.it nature. Will any