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educationally and versatile. Only with these attributes can

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both in the education as well as in the classification of the individual. How

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of the Medical salaries and appliances of each Union ; con-

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to know that judicious medical treatment may retard or prevent,

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exhaustion, or some complication, such as hyperpyrexia. It

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SOAP, analysed by Dr. Hofmann, F.R.S., a:id Professor

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important fact, however, is developed by the investi-

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Eruption of Coax. — According to the Leeds Mercury

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lisliing-office, as early as possible, information as to any new

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reports about the beneficial results obtained from the

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winds and rapid changes of temperature ; in another, the

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softer. At the end of two months the hemorrhage had almost ceased, and

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p. 555), this compound may be removed by shaking the urine with lead carbonate

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For three^months prior to the time she came under my observation she

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and its Structural Lesions, the result of Inflammation.

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mj maDifestation of the grosser forms of eroticism. Her conduct

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unnatural. Involuntary emissions occurring during sleep are common,

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He was one of the original projectors of our city hospital, and

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hung over the patient's bed. If the room is not kept free from smell,

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geranium pollen. It was magnified approximately 775x.

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Sixth labour at seven months ; child lived three months. Seventh

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ricardium, became cemented together, though Laennec confesses,

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as calcium chlorid or sulphuric acid. If sulphuric acid