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animal charcoal in powder two parts well mixed together. A small

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deposits of smoke and other impurities. These substances are

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and ergotine in a mixture of twenty five parts each of distilled

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and especially of their family history of which the importance

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On the contrary we know that almost from the moment of its

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In conclusion Dr Hamilton said it would be seen that there

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cured cases of epilepsy paralysis and headache that have lasted

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Tn my opinion what we have to do is just to act upon

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of electricity baths rubbing careful diet hygienic surroundings

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efficiency I think we all feel that we live in an en

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sions not infrequently occur. The territory of the pneumogastric

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condition have been cured in m short time i they were able to

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the circulation lymphocytosis and stimulation of the hematopoietic tissues

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vaginal fistulas no longer cause life long misery to those so

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who had scarlet fever. On the seventeenth day Dr. Ash

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the body are much more common in cases of fibroid tu

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actual increase caused by the contraction. Some of the ex